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Spectrum @ centum

We don’t excel in just a slice, we sparkle across the chain – be it print, television, radio, out-of-home, digital, social, videos, events, PR and more.


Strategic approach to getting more brand visibility and mileage while connecting to regional markets effectually.


Long and short form television spots that capture the brand essence succinctly and storify it to drive brand recall powerfully.


Creative radio spots that use the medium intelligently to connect with a captive audience intuitively.


From corporate presentations to explainer demo videos to anything in between, we bring a team of expert raconteurs to tell your brand story memorably.


Powerful communication that demonstrates the grandeur and effectiveness of a live communiqué, while opening up new avenues of opportunities.


From website designing to social media marketing. From online advertising to mobile applications. We walk you the digital route and ensure ROI like never before.


A unique mix of communication that engages interesting elements of advertising to enlighten, embolden and empower the target audience intuitively.


Out-of-the-box approach that explores bold new innovations in OOH to cast a spell.